2022 Tennis Tournament – June 9th and 10th

The Cancer Challenge Tennis Tournament brings sponsors and a host of tennis enthusiasts together in an event to benefit cancer services and programs throughout Northwest Arkansas.

Tennis events are held at the Kingsdale Tennis Center, 4 Kingsdale Ln, Bella Vista, AR

Tennis Results

Women’s 3. 0 doubles

1st place N. Dallison and J. Wheeler

2nd place M. Young/ T. Greaser


Women’s 3.5 doubles

1st place J. Jezewski/ S. Dellett

2nd Place C. young/ A. Fry


Women’s 4.0 Doubles

1st place  A. Anderson/ M. Cochran

2nd place L. Jaggernaut/ M. Blunden


Men’s 3.0 doubles

1st place D. Gempler/ J. Vandenberg

2nd place M. Maulden/ B. Skinner


Men’s 3.5 doubles

1st place  T. Grailer/ M.Cochran

2nd place  R. Toomer/ C. Greaser


Men’s 4.0 Doubles

1st K. Jones/ S. Mahoney

2nd J. Cordero/ M. Baker


Mixed 6.0 doubles

1st place  C. Greaer/ T. Greaser

2nd place W. Zapp/ J. Zapp


Mixed 7.0 Doubles

1st place  D. Dohman/C. Cox

2nd place P. Pautsch/ A. Hurley


Mixed 8.0 Mixed doubles

1st place J. Shoemake/ J. Scoggins

2nd place E. Saffron/ J. Saffron