Life Transformed

Doris, age 62, has severe COPD and went through the Community Clinic’s Smoking Cessation program, funded by The Cancer Challenge.

“In December of 2006 the doctor told me that I had six months to a year to live. I went through this program and quit smoking! When I made it to my six-month checkup, my doctor was surprised to see me. And when I went in for my 1-year check up he was surprised to see me again!

When I found out about this program I decided to do it and my sons jumped in to participate too. Our family motto is ‘One for all and all for one.’ They have watched me labor to breathe.

In June I will go in for what I call my 6-month expiration checkup since I was told I wouldn’t live past one year. When my doctor told me I wouldn’t live much longer, I got feisty and decided to show him! I have grandbabies that I want to see grow up. I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t quit smoking. This program saved my life.”

Doris, age 62

Life Saved

Jim came to Community Clinic Rogers Medical with on going health problems but without health insurance.

He was scared and didn’t know what he was going to do. He spoke to the clinic staff and found he could apply for the All ‘Bout Cancer Detection program (ABCD) which provides financial assistance for screening, diagnosis, and treatment. He was relieved to know someone cared.

Jim applied for the ABCD program and had his first prostate exam which showed signs of cancer. Funding from the program allowed Jim to have a biopsy which confirmed that he had cancer. Through Cancer Challenge he was able to have surgery. Because of early detection and treatment through Cancer Challenge and Community Clinic the cancer was beat and Jim’s life was saved.

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